If we explain the origin of the creation of the gambling game until the establishment of the casino, of course it will be very long and tiring, you will get bored reading it, but we will briefly summarize the beginning of the formation of casinos for you holic gamblers who are faithful to follow the development of the world of gambling, but at present To play gambling, you don’t need to come to the casino, just play it via the online casino either on the website or download it on an Android / iOS device

Even though casinos are famous for the world of gambling, it turns out that it is not only behind the general facts that people know there are several facilities available such as restaurants, hotels, tourist centers and even shopping centers, therefore casinos can be said to be the home of night entertainment providers which as we know the peak center activities carried out every night

Beginning of the Casino

you need to know that casinos can develop until now, it turns out that they have experienced a downturn, the origin of casinos came from Italy which in the language is called “root casa” which means house and the term casino can mean rural villa, summer house or social club

the origin of gambling is not generally known, but in history it is known that the era of gambling started from the ancient Greeks and Romans to the Nepoleons to the French and English. In history, it is noted that they have known the gambling game. For the development of gambling in Europe, it is known that the first gambling house was Di Ridotto, founded in Venice, Italy in 1638 but it did not last long in 1774 that all gambling activities were closed by the government, this was because at that time the aristocrats experienced poverty because they were too busy playing gambling.

In American history, early gambling companies were known as “saloons”, the creators of the name themselves were influenced by four major cities such as New Orleans, St Louis, Chicago, and San Francisco. In some places with the nickname saloons, the American people did a lot of activities such as drinking together, gambling, or just chatting in the twentieth century in America, gambling was banned by state law. until 1931 gambling activities were legalized throughout the state of Nevada where America’s first legal casino was founded in 1976 to be precise in New Jersey allowing legal gambling activities and the Atlantic City which is now the second largest gambling city in America

Entry of Gambling in Indonesia

before the 1980s casinos were ever allowed in Indonesia, maybe some readers don’t know about it. In history, there was a casino in Jakarta which at that time was under the leadership of Ali Sadikin, who is known to be on the lower floor of the Sarinah building, Central Jakarta and several other casinos such as in Petak Embilan West Jakarta, and in Hai Ancol

but in the 1990s, there were many casinos operating secretly illegally and along with the development of the media at that time and discussed a lot about gambling activities in Indonesia that made the public uneasy, therefore many casinos were closed by the police because carrying out these activities illegally until now it is very difficult to find casinos standing in Indonesia because now gambling activities are completely prohibited and have been regulated in the 1945 law